“Some brands have become too commercial and tossed

Young KSU expert offers tips for resale

Kent State fashion student Pierce Morgan is a luxury handbag refurbishing expert. He be hosting an event at The Style Loop in Rocky River and offering tips and advice on refurbishing, authentication and upscale, resale shopping. (Photo by Kailey Marie Photography)

Morgan will be hosting an event at The Style Loop, an upscale resale shop in Rocky River starting on Thursday, February 28. There will be bags and accessories from his collection for sale through Saturday and on the 28th he’ll be on hand offering tips on resale shopping, what to watch out for and to discuss your repair and refurbishing needs.

Morgan replica louis vuitton bags , 20, who grew up in Lorain and lives in Fairlawn, knew by the age of three that he wanted to be in the fashion business. Initially, he dreamed of being a designer. “I had my first tour of Kent when I was in about sixth grade. They said I was kind of young for a tour.”

“I didn’t really know there were other routes to take in the industry. I can’t sew. I asked, if I like the stuff and want to be around it, can that be a thing?”

Morgan takes a closer look at a Gucci satchel at The Style Loop. (Allison Carey/The Plain Dealer)

As for replica louis vuitton handbags his own fashion, he says that he spent his early high school days trying to blend in, with baggy jeans and a hoodie. It wasn’t until contracting E. coli from petting a goat at a winery at 16, spending a month in the hospital and losing close to 50 pounds that things changed for Morgan. “After a near death experience, I decided I could do whatever I want with my fashions, with my future.”

And his familiar name, “I get the Piers Morgan question a lot but I’m not named after the English celebrity. Actually, my mother was close with her grandfather, it’s a family name.”

This vintage Gucci bag was refreshed by Morgan and looks almost new. (Allison Carey/The Plain Dealer)

“Once, I was looking for a nice pair of boots, right after Christian Louboutin started doing men’s shoes. They were about $900 and I had never heard of anything like thatI had never seen $900. It was complete shock,” said Morgan.

“I wanted to know why they were so expensive, I read his life story and looked through his designs. It was an epiphany. Look what people can do! If you look at replica louis vuitton bags the artist, how they come up with things and how they make them, that impressive combination alone is worth more than the object, to me.”

Morgan shows us a before and after. The metal on the top half of this Louis Vuitton latch is refurbished and looks like new. The bottom half has not been cleaned yet. (Photo by Pierce Morgan)

It didn’t take long for Morgan to discover the resale market. “When I got really interested in luxury designer goods, for a second, I thought buying counterfeit pieces was the way to go, until I looked into all of the problems that are behind high quality designer replica handbags the counterfeit market. It’s no good, but I started with some fake resale items and I actually took them apart, I wanted to see how they high quality designer replica handbags wholesale were made.”

Another After look at the Prada bag Morgan refurbished. Now it looks like a real wearable treasure. (Photo by Pierce Morgan)

His other great challenge is in finding rare, vintage pieces for amazing prices. Mostly, he wants to work on them and selling them keeps his business moving forward. It helps to know a company’s history. “Research is something I constantly do. I’ll never be done learning,” he said. “For instance, I discovered that for three months in 1966, Gucci made bags in Mexico. 1:1 replica handbags I have one, I found it at a thrift store, they thought it was fake. It’s a piece of Gucci history.”

Morgan shows us the damage on this Gucci piece. The corner is worn out and the leather edging is torn. (Photo by Pierce Morgan)

“I’ll shop literally anywhere.”

“My first big find was a unique piece from the Gucci Accessory Collection from the 1980s. It had a unique paper tag that looked sort of like a dollar bill, sewn under the leather label tag on the inside. They were known for not being exactly symmetrical. The seller at this shop took that to mean it was a fake. I paid $16. It was in brand new condition. I sold it right before I started at Kent for $1 www.dolabuy.su ,000. That’s when I knew my little hobby could be something.”

Morgan says that classic vintage Coach leather bags are a great find. On this one he demonstrates fake louis bag his work. The left side is as he found it, the right side is refurbished. He enriched the leather and fixed the scuffed corners and erased scratches. (Allison Carey/The Plain Dealer)

When it comes to studying bags in person and high end resale shopping as Morgan also offers styling services and is always on the lookout for things his clients will like, Morgan offers some advice. “Shop where you trust that things are reputable and they authenticate. If replica designer handbags it a fake, they are so respected that you should be able to get your credit card to refund your money because selling counterfeit items is illegal.”

Morgan also offers authentication services for about $15 or $20. He can sometimes do it via pictures and sometimes needs to see the piece in person.

This Judith Leiber clutch is from the 1980 cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk Morgan bought it with two missing stones. He found pictures of the original to find out what kind of stones were missing, bought the polished cabochon stones on Etsy and filed them down on the back side so they the same height as the existing stones. He also refurbishing the lizard. It could sell at his Style Loop event for about $300. (Allison Carey/The Plain Dealer)

“What I love out of any luxury piece is that a family or a person’s history can be seen in it. The passion of a very skilled person who made it with their hands can be seen in it. The impressive creativity of the person who designed it Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags can be seen in it. All of that makes an inanimate object look proud to exist. You can feel all of that come out of it and that’s so impressive and so wonderful when I see that and interact with it. These aaa replica designer handbags are the things that last long enough to become an heirloom.”

Morgan has a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and quality and says that today some of that gets lost in cheaper materials covered in logos. “Some brands have become too commercial and tossed the art replica louis vuitton of design aside Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags ,” said Morgan. “I don’t get that trend of wearing head to toe luxury logos and labels. You don’t need that to get out of those things what they’re meant to be.”

“I like pieces that I call Silent Luxury, like the brand Loewe. What makes those pieces look expensive are the way they’re made and how they look when carried. They don’t have to be covered in logos or monograms to be fine pieces. Less than one out of 20 people might recognize the Loewe logo.”

Morgan also has clients he styles, so he is constantly on the lookout for things they might like. (Allison Carey/The Plain Dealer).

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